Man the team at HubSpot sure do have some great dance moves!  They also just told you all you need to know about what inbound marketing is vs. outbound marketing. Now some of you must be thinking to yourselves “what are the benefits to inbound marketing?”

Inbound marketing focuses on US! The humans!

Marketers want to give us a tailored experience that you just can’t get through television and print ads.  To inbound marketers the customer, their experience, and their feelings towards the brand are the center of the universe.   Inbound marketing has created a two-way communication street that allows for us to tell them what we want and they give it to us. No longer are we looking at the same webpage that everyone else sees but we are looking at a site that knows us and understands us.

For example HubSpot has created the Content Optimization System.

COS HubSpot

Clearly it rocks.  As stated in the YouTube Video  INBOUND 2013 Keynote  the “COS turns your website into your best sales rep.” This website is tailored to different people in the same way and it does this by actually serving relevant content.  For example the first time you go on to a COS website your going to get view A, which is the same for anyone looking the first time. Then the second time you go on the website, lets say as a lead, you are going to get view B. This view is tailored to you and what you have done in the past on the site. Next you become a customer and you are going to get view C, which is going to see you as  a valued customer and try to heighten your experience with complementary items to what you just bought. Of course these views can be different for all types of websites but this is just an example as to how a COS website would work. 

 What makes this even more amazing is the fact that it doesn’t even matter what device you are looking at. The website is going to fit on your phone, your tablet, your PC and still be just as amazing. No more awkward scrolling and sites that are not compatible to your mobile device! tumblr_static_yay

Another great benefit of inbound marketing is how cheap it is! Think about it. Inbound marketing can be used through free social media platforms like: Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Etc… By using resources, like HootSuite, your company can post to many of these social media platforms at one time. These platforms are going to draw in more traffic from all different audiences from all different places. Not only are you spending less and less money but you are gaining more and more traffic to your site. As you can see below inbound marketing continually increases the traffic to the website, some by more than 100%!


Talking about social media, HubSpot has also created a new application called Social Inbox. This is going to help advance your inbound marketing skills. Social Inbox allows for you to watch for leads. Whenever ANY of your leads are mentioned  you will be informed ASAP. Now that is fast! All you have to do is say who you want to listen to, what you want to listen for, and how you would like to be informed. Not only is this great for your company but this is great for the customer and the leads because if they have questions or concerns this website will allow for someone to help you as soon as possible.

One last resource that HubSpot has created to help greater your marketing inbound experience is Signals. Signals allows for you to be updated whenever a lead has done something that you are watching, like changing their LinkedIn or clicking on a link that you put into an email to them. This is also built-in Gmail and in Outlook.

I think that inbound marketing is the future of the marketing world but be aware it takes constant work and you must always  update relevant content that will keep the interest of your consumers.  I wouldn’t throw away outbound marketing, especially the online aspect of it.

Once again I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please comment with any suggestions on how I can improve.

P.S. Below is a link to the INBOUND 2013 Keynote video. If you have not taken the time to get to know HubSpot, please do because they rock.

INBOUND 2013 Keynote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-InuKlf1bYc


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