Google+ and Twitter Chats Oh My!

There are two very important items on the agenda for my blog today: Google+ and Twitter chats. I will first begin discussing Google+.


The above meme depicts the feelings of most people I know. I was invited into Google+ in my senior year of high school. No one my age was on the social network and so I never took the time to learn more about it. It wasn’t until the end of my junior year in college that I  re-looked at my Google +. There were more friends of mine on the site but I still saw nothing new. Maybe it is the fear of joining a new network or maybe it is the fact that no one in my social circle is participating in Google+ but I still am not convinced it has much of a future.

From what I can tell and what others  have mentioned is that Google+ has mimicked Facebook, to some extent. They both allow for you to update status’ and the ability to like other people’s posts. You can upload photos and links to other sites. Google+ does have the feature of circles, which allows you to group your friends by your interests but Facebook also gives this ability. You can create groups, pages, and have people with similar interests join on Facebook. The one feature that I feel Google+ has the upper hand in is their Hangout feature.  It is like Skype, where you can video chat with others, but more people can be involved in the Hangout. Also you can share documents and work on them while you are chatting. This is especially handy during meetings. Facebook just happens to have this feature as well but I think Google+ wins this one because you can’t share documents on Facebook.  On top of all of this you can also video chat on your phone through the free Google Hangout app. This is so great when you are in the car or on the go, but have to be in a meeting.

Many would say that a benefit of Google+ is it that you can easily share content across all Google products. Yes, it is great that all these tools are managed in one place but sometimes there is too much of a good thing. I love that I can log into my Google account and have everything at my fingertips but I don’t see how Google+ has benefited it. I would say the main reason I still keep my Google+ is that Google runs everything.  You want to be loved by Google and at school all I ever hear is you want to be searchable.


Google has created their own SEO ranking signal, Google Authorship.  The better and more content that you post the higher you will get in the ranks.   Though I am not a fan of Google+ and am unconvinced by the articles that spout the benefits of it, I will not be getting rid of it any time soon.  I want to be searchable and I want Google to love me and if that means posting and attempting to interact in a copy cat of a social network than so be it.

Now moving on to the next topic of this post: Twitter chats. Today I had the experience of being involved in a Twitter chat. Before I started I was very confused. First, I had no idea what a Twitter chat was and second I had no idea how to get involved.  My digital marketing professor was very kind to give us the link to a list of scheduled chats: Here you can find all different types of chats that are  going on throughout the week on all sorts of topics. I thought this was incredibly cool because there were so many topics that I was interested in. I found this chat called #BizForum. This was supposed to be a weekly chat with business professionals about trending marketing topics.  To enter a chat you just have to add the hashtag to your comment and you can see all of the  other people commenting. Sadly when I entered this chat it was dead. There was only one other person in the chat room, who just happened to be another digital marketing student from Vermont.

Though I didn’t get the chance to really take part and experience a Twitter chat I am not going to stop trying. I think these chats are great experience and great networking. You get the chance to speak with business professionals without that awkward face-to-face situation. Also while in the chats you can look up the people you are speaking to and get to know more about them, and vice versa.  These are great for businesses as well because they can talk to their customers and build authority at the same time.  You also get to stay informed about what the customers are saying about your company and your brand. This is beneficial because people feel more comfortable saying their feelings behind the computer screen and they feel like you are really hearing them and really care.  This is just another great and fun way to grow your brand, authority, and popularity.

More ways Google+ is mimicking Facebook:

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