Advertising In Your Pocket: Mobile Advertising


Phones rule the world. People are addicted to having information at their fingertips and I can’t say  I haven’t been affected either .I usually can’t go ten minutes without checking my phone. I wish I could say I was checking for emails or working, but usually I am just checking my social media apps, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… Mobile marketing and apps have been improving so much that it is causing the society’s addiction to grow stronger and stronger.

Mobile promotions is actually very simple and something your business should be participating in. There are a variety of mobile promotion tactics that have been used successfully by businesses globally and locally. These include  mobile coupon incentives, sweepstakes, and user polling apps. . Each has different rates of success, but is best used with an objective that is the goal for the mobile promotion.

Sweepstakes have the objective of drawing in new potential customers. A mobile promotion sweepstakes generally invites users to send a text message to a short code address. They enter and there is a drawing for prizes at a later date. This encourages the users to keep in touch and offer more information about themselves in the process.

Mobile coupon incentives have the objective of gaining demographic information about a user’s regional shopping habits. This kind of mobile promotion enables marketing of customized coupons; it lets the customer participate directly in the process. This is always a big incentive to create customer brand name loyalty.

User polls and apps that allow voting are very popular. Consumers do appreciate being heard. The objective is to have the user reveal detailed information about themselves and their shopping habits. By answering the well-chosen questions in the opinion poll application, they are already fulfilling the goal and the objective.

There is little risk associated with any of these tactics, but the rewards can be amazing. Each is guaranteed to offer new insight into the users and customers that are interested in the promotion.

There are three key factors that mobile advertising strives on:

Location:  Unlike a computer, your phone will give your promotions to places of where you are currently located. Let’s say you’re a Washington native but are currently in Oregon. Your computer is going to make it look like you are located in Washington and only give you ads to there, which is pointless if you are located in Oregon. Phones will send you ads for Oregon and that is greatly beneficial for you business, so that customers can be presented with ads to your business.  This will help bring new customers into your business and create word of mouth advertising, especially if they go back to Washington and give a raving review. Your also not just targeting the natives, but the tourists. Tourists can bring in a large profit, depending on  your business.

Timing: The times that your ads go to customers phones is key. For example if you run a restaurant you wouldn’t want ads promoting your breakfast special to be sent to customers at 2 pm.  You want to schedule your ads at peak hours, so that you can target customers that are most likely to use the promotions at the specified time. Also timing is key because it allows for your ads to be immediate. Unlike computers you can just send your ads to the phone at the time you want and people will see it at that time.

Relevance: Like I have been saying all along your content needs to be good and it need to be relevant to the customer now, not in a week , but now. This is a moment to engage your customer and have them act now. Context is not easy to implement and if you provide it to the customer at the moment they are seeking the information than you are going to raise sales and ROI.  Offer your customers a text messaging surface. For example when you are in a movie theater and there is an ad to text a certain number that will find out what your phone is “dreaming” while the movie is going on. That is relevant to what  they are experiencing and is the prime time to get customers to participate in an easy and fun way.

Now lets talk about apps. I love apps. I think that they are awesome and they are the best way to bring customers to you. Your app needs to be up to date and it needs to be easy for the customer to use. There have been many times when I have attempted to use an app and they are not user-friendly. I would have to say my favorite app right now is the US Bank app. I can easily access all my information, deposit  checks, and make transfers. Why is this app so successful?

Well first thing is they provide  a great product and they create a great virtual opportunity where the user can be engaged at a moments notice. It doesn’t matter what time the user access the app but it is accessible for everyone. I know that iPhones are the way of the world and if you are anyone you are expected to have one, but 50% of the market has an Android. Make sure your app is usable for both iPhone’s and Androids.

Make sure that you don’t try to hit every person with your app. Choose a smaller market, people who want what your app offers will  make sure they will use your product. Smaller markets will allow for you to create brand loyalty and to bring new customers in. I talk about  my US Bank app all the time and if I meet anyone who has US Bank I tell them to get the app because it does everything I want it to do .

The next key to a successful app is to track everything. Last week I talked about database marketing and that applies to phones. Track the customers that use  your mobile site and what they use through that site. By tracking your customers you will know what aspects of your app they using and what they are not. This will allow for you to improve upon the features you offer and make people want to use them even more.  They will also provide you with information you want. If you have polls or surveys, that offer a chance for customers to give opinions on what they want improved, then you will obtain data that will improve your app without anyone publicly posting negative feelings.

The next key thing you need to have for an app is make it FREE. I download apps that are free because I am a broke college student and don’t want to pay for anything. By making an app free that doesn’t mean that you don’t earn profit off it.  This is like when you create a YouTube channel and everyone views it for free. Eventually you are going to make money off it. People are going to love the product you are offering and will eventually buy your product. That is the goal right?

App development  is not easy and it takes time. Make sure you keep developing your apps because someone is going to have issues with what you  are providing. I love upgrades because I know the product that I love is already improving.

Here is a link to learn how to improve apps.


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